Who am I?

Hello, my name is Jeff.  I’m an amateur woodworker, avid traveler (been to 20+ countries so far) and accountant by day.  I’ve been a hobby woodworker since 2005.  The first major project was created with some friends in high school when we built a 20 foot tall medieval trebuchet.  What better way to spend an afternoon than lobbing bricks 100+ yards with no accuracy whatsoever?

I really enjoy turning raw materials into a finished product.  My favorite part of any wood project is laying down the first coat of tung oil or poly, watching the grain pop and come to life is oh so satisfying.  My passion comes as no surprise to my family, my grandfather operated a hand saw sharping business and my great grandfather was a carpenter.  I am lucky enough to have inherited some of their tools including a wooden jointer and rabbet plane from the early 1900’s.

What is the purpose of Jeff’s DIY?

I created this site to bring together anyone who has a passion to build things, learn and innovate.  I hope to bring you some unique, fun and practical project plans that you can use to create your own heirlooms to pass down!


You can see more of my projects here.

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